About us

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The Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DiSAFA) of the University of Torino was born in 2012 by merging five former Departments of the Faculty of Agriculture.
The Waste Management Group (WMG), coordinated by prof. Paolo Balsari, has being involved for more than twenty years in the area of sustainable management of agricultural and animal waste and of biomasses for energy production. The group was a part of several projects funded by EU within the 6th and 7th Framework Programme, and was involved in collaboration with private foundations, national (CNR, MURST) and regional (Regione Piemonte) institutions. Its research activity and the support for public administration has resulted in many international and national scientific and educational publications.
WMG main expertise areas are:

  1. Monitoring and control of gaseous emission form animal wastes and agriculture
  2. Biogas and syngas
  3. Agricultural and livestock waste management
  4. Machineries and prototypes development
  5. Extension service and dissemination